Novonil Was born and mentioned in Tripura but he Was always traveling around places because of his parent's profession, His schooling was a continuous transfer. he need to Stay in one school for 3 years. it Was only in 2011 that his family Shifted to Agartala. capital city of Tripura and since then he has been staying in Agartala. He completed his highschool Studies and is presently pursuing hishigh studies in engineering. 
Novonil Chakma
He was initially curious about pursuing his higher studies in humanities but thanks to peer pressure he decided to vary his interest. He was exposed to music since childhood. his mother was also interested in music and introduced him to music. He was in 3rd standard when he got his first instrument (Harmonium). He was very curious about the instrument but least bothered to require any quite formal learning on the way to play the instrument.During his 10th Standard, he got his second instrument (Cuitar) which he learnt to play from the web. Later, he got a
teacher Who lasted for 3 days as he
decided to find out by himself from the YouTube tutorial' S Later. he started performing in his college, social media platforms like instagram and YouTube. And he decided to cover a Chakma Song which is Barije redot sung by artist Lumbini Roy.
Novonil Chakma
He added Some tunes Of his own, making it Slightly different from the original piece. For that project he approached an in depth brother of him Who is seemingly an expert in Cinematography. He gives many thanks to his brother for helping him out and his co-partner who casted in his music Video Also the shooting got completed during a period of days He also told that what he enjoys isn't the popularity but the work because through that he are going to be ready to do something he's hooked in to and also he can showcase his communitys rich music background.

Novonil Chakma




 "l want to encourage all individuals my community connected to music to produce their own music. I also request our community members to help and encourage young talented individuals th ese professions as I believe our community youth have a lot of potentials and talents. The only thing that lacks is the exposure and opportunities that can help them develop their talents into profession."

Novonil Chakma
Currently. he's performing on some music which he plans to release later this year. However. he haven't considered singing as his fulltime profession but he will atway5 be connected to musicL And if he receives any opportunity then he would really like to produce Some specialized music within the future. Adding to it. video music expenditures are just about high. so just in case he Comes a good producer a Sponsor. he will open himself to those opportunities.