Shika's entire memory as a toddler to her teen was growing up in Mizoram.She completed her highschool studies from Mizoram itself. She considers herself to be very lucky as she got closely affiliated together with her culture and community. 

Shika Chakma, Shika Chakma - Freelance Modeller - Biography
Since her childhood, she clearly remembers her interests and dreams with the planet of entertainment and fashion. She would always dance to the beats and follows the artists on how they groove to the beats. But as she grew up, she started facing dilemma With the truth, she started questioning her dream after realizing that she is going to need to put during a lot Of additional efforts so as to realize her dreams. According to her, the scope of opportunities is very critical in her community because they lack opportunities in every field Of development. She got to meet many talented individual's. after she removed from Mizoram to Uttarakhand for further studies. However. getting a chance in the field of modelling and entertainment was never a simple task.Giter in 2019, during a visit to Punjab she meets a lover from Whom she learns a of things and also gets some contacts. After tons Of struggle. she got into a modelling show. She feels very blessed to gain such a lot knowledge and insights for her personal and interpersonal development- She couldn't win the show but she Wins the title Of Miss Popularity. And later, she got casted in two music videos on Instagram. She is currently a freelance modeller. She says •the best thing within the modelling profession is that the feeling Of being ahead of the camera which dreamt of since was a child. This opportunity helps me to create up my confidence as well". She would like to build a career as knowledgeable within the entertainment and modelling field which Ofcourse won't be a simple One but she would provides it a try.

Shika Chakma-Shika Chakma - Freelance Modeller - Biography

            Name : Shika Chakma
            PROFESSION : Model

Shika Chakma, Shika Chakma - Freelance Modeller - Biography
"Black and white aren't the only colours, they're many more colours too. What I want to mention is, one shouldn't be limited to studying and ending up with science, art and commerce because there are many other things in which one can make a profession.i might like to request my community to encourage and support more individuals who have interest and talents in other fields. And to all or any the youth my message is to stay on dreaming".